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Although the sense of adventure is what we go on holiday for, it is good to have some information once you get on the ground. To this end Silverpoint has created a global travel guide app for mobile devices.

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Silverpoint Go – it’s free and it works offline.

Download the free Silverpoint Travel Guide today and enjoy a world of travel information at your fingertips.


• Location
Find out what the location is like and how to get around once you are there.
• Accommodation
Information and booking enquiry system to get you the right accommodation at the best price.
• Going out
The low down on some of the location's most popular restaurants. Don’t have a bad meal during your holiday.
• What to do
Loads of information on excursions, activities and attractions to ensure you have plenty of great things to do whilst on holiday.
• Good to know
Lots of tips and advice to ensure you know what to expect when you reach your holiday destination.
• Maps
Never struggle with directions thanks to the Silverpoint Travel Guide’s handy map feature.
• Social media overlay
Share your holiday experiences via your chosen social community and “check in” with location-based, social networking websites such as foursquare.
• Dream Destinations
Great ideas for the exotic holidays you will remember for ever.
• Rest of the World
This online travel search facility utilises Freebase content to provide you with information on just about anywhere on the planet.
• Extras
Real time weather report, currency converter and a handy translator facility to make your life easier when enjoying your holiday abroad.
• Promotional offers
To ensure you get the very best value for your holiday money.